Isn’t it strange and a bit absurd?
I didn’t know it until I finally heard
Doesn’t it show how sick all of you are
Venting hate when I’ve gone so far?
I don’t care if you watch me, it’s true
last thing on my mind is you, you, you

I know you watch everything I do online
and if you want to watch me, that’s fine
I don’t give a rat’s ass what you all do
I left behind a miserable life and you
So spy on my facebook and others too
Nothing you do will make me feel blue

I’m done with you, forever and a day
hateful attitudes, self righteous ways
better to mind your business, you see
and stop trying to stir up trouble for me
To me you are nothing, isn’t it strange?
Soon I won’t even share your name

A lovely family poem I wrote of late
I’m not part of family drama and hate
Long ago I said goodbye to all of you
If you want to watch here’s what to do
hate me, defame me in your conversation
From you I’m taking a permanent vacation



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