Isn’t it strange and a bit absurd?
I didn’t know it until I finally heard
Doesn’t it show how sick all of you are
Venting hate when I’ve gone so far?
I don’t care if you watch me, it’s true
last thing on my mind is you, you, you

I know you watch everything I do online
and if you want to watch me, that’s fine
I don’t give a rat’s ass what you all do
I left behind a miserable life and you
So spy on my facebook and others too
Nothing you do will make me feel blue

I’m done with you, forever and a day
hateful attitudes, self righteous ways
better to mind your business, you see
and stop trying to stir up trouble for me
To me you are nothing, isn’t it strange?
Soon I won’t even share your name

A lovely family poem I wrote of late
I’m not part of family drama and hate
Long ago I said goodbye to all of you
If you want to watch here’s what to do
hate me, defame me in your conversation
From you I’m taking a permanent vacation





the sacred beauty of soothing music
always brings you and your love to mind
you caress the deepest part of me
we have an intrepid spiritual union
that has survived distance and sorrow
and has grown stronger with time

each falling star I see reminds me
of the night we laid in verdant grass
and watched heaven’s entertainment
wild mountaintops have seen us embrace
the ocean has hurried to sandy shores
just to watch us kiss in the moonlight

I am honored to be loved by you
blessed just to know you, My Beloved.

You Sheltered Me




You Sheltered Me

you sheltered me
when days were dark and nights black
in the abyss I couldn’t climb out of
like an oak tree you shielded me
from dreary rains of desperation

like a blood transfusion
I drew hope from your hope
and strength from your strength
you sheltered me from deep despair
and convinced me I wanted to live

when I shivered in the cold
you pulled me close into your fire
and called forth the depths of my soul
cherishing the one beneath heavy baggage
your love is the closest to God’s I’ve known


I once found it very difficult to set boundaries. People trespassed on my emotional property at will. They left their filth and litter everywhere and I was the one forced to clean it up. I have learned through bitter experience that boundaries must be set or you will forever be cleaning up someone else’s mess. They will dump whatever they choose on you then walk away without a backward glance or a care about what they have done to you. In the area of religious belief or faith( there is a BIG difference in religion and faith) there will always be someone who thinks they know what God expects from you and they won’t hesitate to try to enforce their views on you and your life. There was a time I was bullied and pushed and led by the nose to believe that these self appointed judges and “Spiritual Giants” knew more about me and my path than I knew myself. I woke up. Whatever I need to know won’t be given to me by religious fanatics and judgmental, self righteous religionists. I will never again be pushed, prodded or shamed into thinking I have to do or be what another person tells me I must. I have some boundaries, don’t try to cross them. I fought hard for my boundaries and I’m not about to surrender them to anyone.

A Vintage Romance

A Vintage Romance

he takes her hand when they walk
always walks on the right side
in case a car strays off the street

he calls her darling and dear
and other passionate endearments
he makes her feel like a queen

he opens all the doors for her
pulls out her seat at meals
always tells her she is beautiful

compliments her every morning
on her eyes and her smile
kisses her like he means it

if she makes a mistake he says
please don’t apologize ever
I love you whatever you do

he claims his voice is dreadful
but sometimes in the night
he sings love songs to her

lined face still handsome
he calls himself a dinosaur
she calls him the love of her life

Strength And Courage

Where I find them…..

Life is not for cowards. Living takes strength and courage. It takes spiritual wisdom and faith to know how to overcome the curves life throws at you. Living is what you learn how to do in the midst of the circumstances that are designed to destroy you. I find strength and courage in many places. In the meditation of my soul that connects me to a higher power. I find strength in the beauty of nature, the compassion of a friend, their words of comfort and their silent connection to my soul. I find strength in the works of poets who pour their emotions and thoughts onto a page. A glimpse of their opened hearts, their honest expression, brings me to the knowledge that none of us is alone. We are all connected by the mutual thread of experience and emotion. We all have our mountains to climb. We all are seeking that place of peace and love and the courage to prevail over obstacles that would prevent us from fully living our lives. I want to thank all of you, My fellow poets for the way you put pen to page with honesty and courage. Thank you for the enlightening moments, the strengthening words, the times of lighthearted laughter, you bring to my life. Life is not for cowards it’s for explorers, questioners, conquerors. Thank you all who write from your hearts, for helping me to find strength for the journey

Doves And Humans

I have some little diamond doves. For those not familiar with them they come from Australia and are the smallest of the doves. They’re about the size of parakeets and they make the most melodious cooing sounds. My little dove is sitting on two eggs in her nest. She is so devoted she won’t leave the nest even to eat or drink. Her mate instinctively knows this and several times a day he will sit on the nest for her so she can fly around a bit and exercise her wings and she can have a meal of seeds and millet and a drink of water. At night they will often sit on the nest together where they cuddle and coo. When the babies hatch they will both feed them and keep them warm. I think some humans could learn a lesson about parenting from the diamond doves, devotion to each other and their offspring. It makes a beautiful picture that I enjoy every day while it brings to mind a definition of real family and love.

Sad Walls

nothing is sadder than dinner out
you look out the restaurant window
at winter rain hitting icy pavement
and you seldom look at him
lost in your own pain and thoughts
together but so far apart

it's sad when love has finally died
without his knowing it's dead
and how many times will you hear
Why don't you just leave,”
before you can let go completely
and at last allow yourself to go

it's sadder than sad, devastating
when your adult children are cold
and you know in your heart
they've listened to his whining
lies have prevailed above your love
there is nothing left of being mother

finding yourself at last loving you
throwing off the yoke of blame
for the mistakes of others
oh, you have made many of your own
but living alone behind your sad walls
will no longer be one of them

10 Keys To Perseverance

1-Perseverance requires inner strength.

2-You must have clear goals to press toward.

3-If you can’t endure hardship you won’t persevere.

4-It requires following your heart, not the opinions of others.

5-Get ready for what can sometimes be a long and lonely journey.

6-To persevere you must push through negative thoughts.

7-If you value your dreams above all else, you will persevere.

8-Have patience, have faith, have dogged determination.

9-Be willing to leave behind those that pull you down.

10-Be brave enough to be your authentic self.

Open Hearts

Real friendship is never superficial

We don’t find them too often, hearts that warm us with their understanding. If we have some unusual ideas or beliefs it’s even more difficult to find any who can honestly relate to us with no fear or withdrawal. I think maybe it goes back to knowing who you are and being comfortable with yourself, so that other’s ideas become a learning experience and not a threat to you. I am so thankful for each heart mine has formed a bridge with, each time they make me happy to be alive and each opportunity I have to do the same for them. Friendship is so much more than a casual acquaintance or a simple liking of someone, superficially. Friendship digs deep into both hearts and is transparent with each other. There is no need for deception when you know you are accepted, faults and all. There is no need to feel inferior when you know you won’t be pressured to change even when your friend has a clear view of your short comings.