Sad Walls

nothing is sadder than dinner out
you look out the restaurant window
at winter rain hitting icy pavement
and you seldom look at him
lost in your own pain and thoughts
together but so far apart

it's sad when love has finally died
without his knowing it's dead
and how many times will you hear
Why don't you just leave,”
before you can let go completely
and at last allow yourself to go

it's sadder than sad, devastating
when your adult children are cold
and you know in your heart
they've listened to his whining
lies have prevailed above your love
there is nothing left of being mother

finding yourself at last loving you
throwing off the yoke of blame
for the mistakes of others
oh, you have made many of your own
but living alone behind your sad walls
will no longer be one of them

10 Keys To Perseverance

1-Perseverance requires inner strength.

2-You must have clear goals to press toward.

3-If you can’t endure hardship you won’t persevere.

4-It requires following your heart, not the opinions of others.

5-Get ready for what can sometimes be a long and lonely journey.

6-To persevere you must push through negative thoughts.

7-If you value your dreams above all else, you will persevere.

8-Have patience, have faith, have dogged determination.

9-Be willing to leave behind those that pull you down.

10-Be brave enough to be your authentic self.

Open Hearts

Real friendship is never superficial

We don’t find them too often, hearts that warm us with their understanding. If we have some unusual ideas or beliefs it’s even more difficult to find any who can honestly relate to us with no fear or withdrawal. I think maybe it goes back to knowing who you are and being comfortable with yourself, so that other’s ideas become a learning experience and not a threat to you. I am so thankful for each heart mine has formed a bridge with, each time they make me happy to be alive and each opportunity I have to do the same for them. Friendship is so much more than a casual acquaintance or a simple liking of someone, superficially. Friendship digs deep into both hearts and is transparent with each other. There is no need for deception when you know you are accepted, faults and all. There is no need to feel inferior when you know you won’t be pressured to change even when your friend has a clear view of your short comings.

Keepers Of The Flame

On sunny days, we sat by the pond,
My beloved father and I.
To tales of yore, I would respond,
As golden hours passed slowly by.
Bamboo pole lines into water cast.
Mattered not if we caught a fish.
Soul absorbed tales of the past,
With each memory I made a wish,
For days like this one to never end
As twilight shadows began to fall.
Our lives forevermore will blend
I remember his tales one and all.
The pond is yet here beside the hill
How I wish my Father was here still.

Now the days seem to swiftly fly
Since years turned my hair to gray.
For those days I yet secretly cry.
Many Tales, much history to relay.
But there are none who want to hear.
Memory that in my head still plays
None cares about days of old, I fear,
No one to pass on those bygone days.
Family history is a part of them too,
As much as it's forever a part of me.
I write it in my books, that's what I do
It will be there if they may want to see.
May keepers of the flame be blessed
Even after they are laid to rest.


What It Is, What It Isn’t

Kindness is first of all learning to be kind to yourself; owning your mistakes and doing what you can to change the results or accepting the results you cannot change. Be kind to yourself by not accepting the guilt for others faults and failures. The world will be intent on placing blame on your shoulders that doesn’t belong to you, shake it off and let those responsible for it carry it. Kindness is speaking the truth when it needs to be spoken and keeping silence when truth falls on deaf ears or will have no positive effect on situations or on your own psyche. Kindness is choosing your words carefully and inflicting no unnecessary pain on anyone yet not being afraid to express hard truth and rightful anger at the appropriate times. Kindness is allowing yourself to be less than perfect and allowing the same for others. Kindness is a smile or a thoughtful gesture, it costs you little or nothing and could be a important or even a lifeline to the one you give it to. Kindness is something you can choose everyday and something that will make a tremendous difference for good in your own life and emotions and in those lives you touch.

About Blogs

To the reader who asked my advice about their new blog, I apologize, I accidentally deleted your comment. I have written a blog for about sixteen years. I write entries sporadically at times and every day at other times. My attitude has been, if it bores me it will bore readers so above all I try to avoid boring entries. I think it really makes no difference what you write in a blog as long as it’s useful intellectually or emotionally. If you are penning something emotional, write it from the heart. No pretense and no preaching. If you are writing something of intellectual value, make it plain and understandable and above all, useful. I have a cache of old blog entries that relay writing advice from famous authors and I’ll be posting those from time to time because they have been helpful to me. Hopefully they will be helpful to other writers here, as well.



no need to mourn the past
the past is passed
there’s nothing you can do
to change it now

no need to relive the pain
wounds will heal
if you really want them to
but do you really?

It’s time to kill your darlings
the few good memories
drawing you back into reveries
of years of pain

leave the past in a sealed tomb
of stony forgetfulness
don’t go there to weep, to grieve
don’t visit cemeteries

just let the dead bury the dead
determine you will live
far from graveyards of regret
unseeing eyes, non-hearing ears

perhaps the best is yet to be, filled
with love and laughter
saturated with peace and healing
the past is passed, let it go….