Novels & Novellas


Fallen Woman (Literary Fiction)

Christina is young, inexperienced, impressionable, heartbroken and alone when Brother Eli chooses her to be his bride. Follow her long journey in the Pentecostal Fire Of The Spirit Church. Wounded and hopeless, fearful of eternal damnation, will she find her way out of a legalistic, artificial existence to become the real woman God created her to be?


The Witch’s Cat (Historical Fiction)

The widow, Grace Sherwood, is a colonial farmer, compassionate healer and local midwife, who was born and lived her life in coastal county of Princess Anne Virginia. Suddenly her whole world is turned upside down when she is accused of being a witch who transforms herself into a black cat and causes curses to come upon her neighbors. The story of Grace Sherwood, The Witch of Pungo is a well known historical tale from Virginia colonial times. Follow the legend in this imagining of what did and might have happened to her and her cat.

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Skeletons In The Closet (Paranormal Fiction)

Lorna grows up in a decaying antebellum mansion where her best friends are a little girl from the distant past and a deformed cat. As she ages, Lorna realizes that the figures she sees in the family graveyard are not just figments of her overactive imagination. The spirit world has become as familiar to her as the present world. There are mysteries haunting the old plantation and questions no one can or will answer. Lorna must find a way to solve them on her own. A paranormal novella with a twisted plot.

Memoir , Philosophy & Inspirational


Long Winding Road

A collection of honest poetry, penned over the course of several decades. Poetry that will help those who are experiencing their own sorrows and struggles. You will feel inspired that dreams do come true and prayers are answered. You will experience a true response to the golden cord of emotion which connects hearts and unites all people.


Choose Love

Poet, author, La Belle Rouge offers a volume of quotes about love. Original quotes from the author and well known personalities. You will be challenged and inspired to choose love in its varied forms.


Born in Virginia, raised just across the state line in North Carolina, La Belle Rouge cherishes her memories of growing up in mid-twentieth century Dixie. This is a volume of memoirs about family, friends, neighbors and even favorite pets. A memorial to a more relaxed pace, a more innocent time in the rural South, where honest hard work, abiding faith and caring for others were cherished values. Stories and poems, poignant, heart touching and humorous offer a glimpse of a not too distant but very different past and how it felt to be one child, girl, woman, American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.


Jesus Are You Listening?

Speaking to and about Jesus with respect, honesty and familiarity. A book of everyday prayers, musings and poetry from the heart.

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Whispers In The Dark

Have you ever felt so lost you thought no one would ever find you, not even yourself? God knows exactly where you are and why you are there. Listen for His voice and the voices of those sent to show you his love and wisdom. Comfort can be found during the darkest night. In times of darkness listen for the voices of light.


Night And Day

Our lives are like a tree, growing from the roots of our character, thoughts and dreams. A collection of the author’s thoughts about life. A glimpse of the roots that grew the tree.


Red Foxes And Other Miracles

A collection of nature poetry from a grateful and observant heart. La Belle Rouge has a poet’s heart that has always found itself at one with nature and appreciative of her mysterious beauty and order. Poetry you will treasure and feel the miracle of nature in. Verse you will want to read at your window, outdoors in the field or wood, on a mountaintop or beside the sea.

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And So It Goes

A volume of thoughts shaped into words. Thoughts to hold on to when the night is dark and the path is obscured. These are the thoughts hopelessness that have haunted the author and thoughts of love and faith that have upheld her through a lifetime of pain and confusion. Thoughts that will inspire your own imagination for good and better things or help you to express in words your own pain and wonderings. All humanity is connected by the thread of emotion. When you read this book, that universal thread will be real to you.

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Lessons On Charley’s Pond

Many of us are blessed with good parents who teach us the valuable lessons of life. Some of us have to learn those lessons without benefit of a teacher, other than experience. La Belle Rouge was blessed with a father who not only understood love and life but peace and faith.

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Nobody Prays Here

A collection of poetry, thoughts and prayers. Honest expressions of thoughts and heartfelt conversations with The Creator that you will be able to spiritually and emotionally relate to.

Poetry of Romance

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Love In The Afternoon

Poetry of Sensuality and love. Shamelessly erotic, romantically exciting love poetry to thrill the senses, inspire the imagination, enliven the memory. A book for those who are in touch with their sexuality. A volume of beauty and heartfelt emotion for lovers to share. A warm, exciting, exceptional pillow book to read and enjoy together.


The Bond Of Love

A collection of rich, mature, love poetry from the pen of the “Poetess Of The Heart.”


End Of The Quest

A Collection Of Poetry Celebrating Love At The End Of The Quest.


A Fire In Winter

Poetry reflecting the beauty and intensity of honest love and passion. “A Fire In Winter,” explores the many facets and emotions of a soul mated relationship. Romantic, playful or pensive each poem is an expression from a loving heart to a loving heart.


Long Ago Far Away

Romance That Lives On.

Poetess Of The Heart La Belle Rouge leads The Reader on an enchanted journey through medieval castles, Celtic hillsides and beside exotic shores. Through the mists of time you’ll catch a glimpse of a world where magic and chivilary thrived and dragons were more than a myth. From Medieval times to the lure of the Old South and the Old West, you’ll treasure many fanciful fantasies of love and tragedy only found now in such volumes as this.


Trysts On Turret Stairs

Romantic, revealing poetry of long ago and present day rendezvous. Sensual and beautiful reflections of love, pleasure and tragedy.


Bare Shoulders And Fiery Kisses

Erotic Poetry Of Love And Lust. A Pillow Book To Enjoy Alone Or With The One You Love.


Forever Cherished

A Collection Of Romantic Poetry. Almost 400 Love Poems To Enjoy And Share With The One You Love.


Knowing You

A volume of love poetry penned from the heart. Honest and vibrant expressions of love and passion from the pen of a contemporary poet of love and romance. A book to enjoy and cherish . Loving, sensual poetry to share with the one you love.

Pets, Children & Holidays


Poodle Philosophy

Princess Genevieve’s Philosophy Is A Commonsense, Humorous and Thought Provoking Look At Life. La Belle Rouge Has Raised And Loved Standard And Toy Poodles For Many Years. This Volume Displays The Close Relationship And Sharing Of Very Human Emotions And Thoughts Between The Author And Her Standard Poodle, “Princess Genevieve La Belle.”


Burly Bear

The Story Of A Young Labradoodle Who Finally Found His Place In Life. Told By The Dog Who Lived It.


Roscoe And The Secrets Of Snow

Roscoe The Fox Terrier And His Best Friend Chandler Accidently Discover A Magic World And Have A Great Adventure.


An Old Fashion Christmas

A treasury of Christmas poetry and memoirs from La Belle Rouge, Poetess Of The Heart.


The Christmas Wish

Christmas is a time for dreaming and wishing

and a time to make those dreams come true for others. Do you believe in the magic of Christmas? Andi’s father promised her a very special Christmas gift she had been wishing for but it seems that there is no way he can keep his promise.


A Poodle World

A Treasury Of Poodle Poetry And Stories For Those Who Are Owned By Poodles Or Just Admire Them. Sweet And Simple Poetry You Can Read To Children And Some Saucy Chapters For Adults. If You Love Poodles Or Dogs In General You’ll Love This Book


The Yuletide Unicorn

A delightful, holiday fantasy for all ages. All the mistletoe in the Kingdom of Yule is missing. There is none to decorate the castle for the great Yuletide feast. Princess Aelea sets out on a long, snowy journey to find some. A beautiful Christmas fantasy…. mystical and magical that still reflects the very real and eternal qualities of faith, hope and love.


The Goats Who Ate Christmas

A delightful Christmas tale for children of all ages. Follow the goat twins on their country, snowy, Christmas Eve adventure. Meet all the special animals that live in their world. Learn about the secret of the real Spirit Of Christmas. Sure to delight those who love Christmas and animal friends.


Christmas Tails

A Christmas Gift From Virginia Author, Poet, La Belle Rouge’s Heart To Yours. A Collection Of Holiday Stories And Poetry Children Of All Ages Will Enjoy. Animal Adventures And Stories Of Christmases Long Ago. Seasonal Fun Along With Some Spiritual And Inspirational Works Sure To Bing You Holiday Joy, Thoughtfulness And Thankfulness For The Blessings Of Everyday Life And Christmastime.


Cindy’s Lost Kitten

Cindy spent her entire adult caring for the sick. She was a good nurse who cared about her patients. Since she retired she spends most of her days with her beloved cats. One day a new cat comes into her life. Her name was “Lotus” and soon after Cindy welcomes her into her home, Lotus has four Kittens. Cindy is heartbroken when her favorite kitten mysteriously disappears.


The Little Angel

No matter how small you may be, there is always an important thing for you to do in God’s great plan. A Christmas treasure to delight children and those who read to them.


Cats, The Original Philosophers

Poems, stories and essays that reflect the beauty, wisdom and royalty of cats as well as their mischievousness and mystery. If you are a cat lover this book will speak to your heart and your life experiences with your favorite pet. A lifelong cat lover, La Belle Rouge has captured the true essence of cattitude in her writing.


Christmas Again

A volume of Christmas poetry and short stories to brighten the holiday season for everyone. A book of faith, family and festivities to bring joy to the season

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If I Was A Koala

A Delightful Childrens Book O f Rhyme. Sure To Give Children A Fun Understanding, And Appreciation Of Animals


Sassy And The Butterfly

It’s summertime and Sassy the apricot Toy Poodle puppy is feeling as frisky as her name implies. Follow her on an afternoon adventure as she chases a magical butterfly.

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Boo Poodle

Boo the Poodle is born on Halloween so it’s one of his favorite holidays. Boo and all the neighborhood pets are preparing for a trick or treat adventure. They all learn about friendship and sharing during the best Halloween ever.

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Thankful Teddy

Teddy, the little, Toy Poodle has a loving family and a wonderful life. He doesn’t realize it until he almost loses everything. Follow him on his journey to thankfulness and joy on Thanksgiving Day.

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Once Upon A Time At Christmas

Remembrances Of A Long Ago Christmas. Nostalgic Beauty To Bring Back Memories Of Home

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Santa’s Poodles

All seems well at the North Pole just days before Christmas Eve. The Reindeer are ready. The Elves are working hard and The Snowmen are standing guard in the yard. A sad, unexpected emergency puts the children of the world in danger of a toyless Christmas. Who will save the day? At such trying times we learn who our best friends truly are. A delightful holiday fantasy for the young, the young at heart and all pet lovers.

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I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Going Home for Christmas is a tradition and a joyful occasion most of us have always looked forward to, if only in our memories. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” will rekindle memories of hearth and home and those who waited for you there. A treasury of holiday poems and short stories that will leave the reader with a warm sense of being home again. It’s not true that we can never go home again, this book will take us there during the Christmas season.

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Beautiful Poodles And Doodles

Who is more appealing than a lovely Poodle or Doodle of any size and color. They are majestic regents and silly comics. Those of us who own them are owned by them. An exquisite picture book of real Poodles and Doodles with descriptions from their humans of why they are such a special part of their lives and families and mean so much to them. If you love Poodles, you will want to own this beautiful book. If you have or have had a Poodle you will relate and appreciate the beauty and emotion of this book. If you are considering giving a Poodle a home, you will be inspired to do so. The pictures are so charming you’ll want to look at and admire them often.

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Our Babies Our Hearts

Nothing is more precious and appealing than a Toy or Minature Poodle. They are so special and endearing that they become their human’s best friend and pampered baby, loved from the deepest part of the heart. You will find within this book, enchanting pictures of Toy and Miniature Poodles with tributes from the humans they own.

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We Needed A Best Friend

An exquisite picture book. Poodles are the most beautiful dogs God created, or at least they are to the people they own. On the pages of this book you will find pictures of wonderful Standard Poodles along with tributes from their best friends..

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Darling Doodles And Poos

Ask anyone who has a Doodle or Poo best friend and they’ll tell you how special, smart, obedient and loving their pet is. This book is filled with more cuteness than most people can stand. An appealing picture book of Doodles and Poos with tributes from the fortunate humans they own.

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The Dog Who Thought He Was A Cat

Jake was a good dog who thought he was a cat. Yum, the kitten, knows what his problem is but she can’t solve it. All she can do is accept and love him. Follow Jake’s adventure to self-discovery and acceptance of who he really is with the love and help of his feline friends and a new friend as well. A book for children both young and old to enjoy.

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The Little Shepherd Boy

Benjamin’s father is teaching him how to be a good shepherd. On a hillside outside of the town of Bethlehem, their sheep are grazing while the shepherds take turns keeping them safe. Benjamin falls asleep and is awakened by something more wonderful than anything he could have imagined.

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‘Tis The Season

A collection of Christmas poetry that treasures the holidays of this year and long ago Christmases. Every year, La Belle Rouge has published a special Christmas book. “Tis The Season” celebrates the Holiday Season with poems of faith, home and friends. “Tis The Season” will add beauty and joy to the Season Of Light And Love. Merry Christmas from the author’s heart to yours “Tis The Season will help you to remember what is important, God, family and the traditions of love and light. A book to cherish and read any time of the year.

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Babette And Benard’s Day Out

It’s springtime and the two Poodles, Babette and Bernard decide it’s time to take a day off. They jump the fence and run away toward a great adventure.

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Just Another Teddy Bear

Apple, the tiny Toy Poodle has a wonderful home. He’s happy there with his mother, his brothers and sisters, his lady and the friendly cats. When his siblings go to a new home, Apple is so sad and misses them so much. He still has his mom, his lady and the friendly cats. He’s well cared for and loved. When Apple must go to his new home he finds that being loved and taken care of doesn’t always happen. Christmas is a blessed season. Will there be a blessing for little Apple?


The Christmas Angel
Jody and her whole family are looking forward to Christmas Eve. They are going to Gramma’s and Grampa’s house to have a feast and to open Christmas gifts. Everything goes calmly until someone gets lost in the woods. What happens next involves love and Christmas angels. “The Christmas Poodle” is gift for all who believe


My Poodle My Friend

Have you ever had a pet who became so much more than a pet to you? La Belle Rouge has been blessed with such a pet, a white Standard Poodle named Princess Genevieve La Belle. This book is a collection of poetry and musings about “Ginny” and other dogs the author has known and loved. As you read these poems and thoughts, you will feel joy and sadness as you perhaps are thinking of a pet you love or remembering a pet you have lost and are missing every day. The author hopes this book will be one you can relate to and enjoy


Bentley’s Happy New Year

Bentley, the chocolate, Standard Poodle has all the love and attention a Poodle could want. It’s good to be Bentley. He loves his home and his humans. He loves the other Poodles, both big ad small. He even loves the cat. Bentley knows how it feels to love and lose and how to enjoy life again.

Paranormal And Horror


No Time To Die

All new short stories to read on stormy nights or anytime you are willing to be frightened. In the title story a man who is deathly afraid of death or anything that reminds him of it, finds that he does have time for death after all. Witches not of the good sort, ghosts who insist on having the final word, cryptic, mysterious creatures who baffle the mind and jar the senses, blood thirsty fiends are all included in “No Time To Die.” La Belle’s pen never fails to give the reader chills and macabre thrills. Read this book and get creeped out. Explore the what if’s and maybe’s of the twisted kind.

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Rest In Peace

Every Halloween La Belle Rouge publishes a volume of paranormal poetry and short stores or a novel. “Rest In Peace,” is a scary, macabre short -story collection of La Belle Rouge’s fantastic and paranormal imaginings. All the short stories gleaned from her books of the twisted kind for readers to enjoy all in one place. Read it at bedtime but be warned, you may not rest in peace.



An Intriguing Volume Of The Strange And Paranormal Presented In Poetry And Short Stories.


The Darkness

Vampires, Ghosts, Unexplained Paranormal Events, Fantastic Creatures, Twists Of The Macabre, Travels Through Time. Full Moon Nights When The Wind Moans Your Name Like A Mournful Song Floating Through An Old Graveyard . You’ll Find Them All Inside The Cover. All Your Worst Nightmares And Fears Bundled Together In A Volume Of Macabre Stories


Lisette’s Journal

Lisette Dubois,beautiful,celebrated belle of New Orleans becomes one of the blood thirsty undead. Follow her into the darkness as you read her journal. Will she find a way to escape her fate or be doomed forever. An epic vampire tale from the pen of poetess, author, La Belle Rouge, written in sonnet form


Little Book Of Horrors

A story of dark revenge in the Old South and a vacation from hell in the low country. Native American legend of an ancient evil. a mysterious, screaming harbinger of death and proof that ghosts can go home again. Late night encounters with the undead. Childhood traumas and pretty, little, stray kitties you will wish you had never taken home. An immigrant couple who take up residence in a tomb. Haunted houses and graveyards. Enjoy the shivers and chills of this collection of twisted tales and poems.

Other Books

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When The Wolf Spoke And The River Sang

You will find on these pages the emotive imaginings of a simple life among a beautiful people. Native American poetry that showcases the spiritual depth and the natural wisdom of the author’s ancestors, the Cherokee and the Powhatan people. Those who were once the guardians of the land and her creatures, who respected all of creation and reverenced the Creator.


Beyond The Blue Mountains

A collection of poetry penned from a Native American point of view. Poetry of Nature from the prospective of those who cherished the Earth and her creatures. Poetry of simple strong bonds, between man and woman, families and friends. Reflections of faith in and reverence for the Great Spirit and respect for the elders and ancestors who shaped their people and tribes. Laments for humiliation at the hands of another race and emerging nation and the loss of all held dear. These poems will connect you to another time and place and the ancient guardians of America. There is no place on Earth more beautiful than “The Blue Mountains” and no people more physically and spiritually beautiful than the Native Americans who called those mountains home.



Poetic Impressions of Impressionist Masterpieces. A Book Of Beauty And Thoughtfulness.


Virginia Is For Lovers

Virginia is for lovers and all the poets showcased in this anthology are Virginia lovers. From the soothing waves of her ancient shores to the rolling hills of her Piedmont and majesty of her Appalachian Mountains, Virginia is a state of beauty, history and mystic persuasion. The poems in this volume are by poets who know Virginia intimately and have penned their affection for her and experiences with her. A book you will treasure if you are a Virginian by birth or by choice or perhaps a fervent admirer of The Old Dominion.

Newest Books, All Genres


Medium Title


A poetry collection penned to encourage those who are living in or escaping a life of narcissistic abuse


A Moment In Time

The beauty and joy of a true love is reflected in the poetry of this volume. Poetry that wraps the heart in the warmth of completely and forever. A moment in time is a reflection of the tender emotions of love captured in words. A book you will find sigh-worthy and worth reading more than once. Poems to deeply touch your heart. Poetry you will want to share with the one you love.


A Day In Spring
The two Dachshunds, Trouble and Miss Chif find fun things to do on a Winter’s day. They make new friends and learn new things. Soon the warm days of Spring bring more fun than ever.


Reflections Of Life
We all have them, reflections of life. They are created by our experiences, our basic character, our aspirations and dreams. Reflections of life are sacred. They reveal the core of w;ho we are, what we have lived and the dreams we reached for. In this book you will find the poet’s open spirit that reveals the truth about who she is and some of the many things that have shaped her reflections.