Open Hearts

Real friendship is never superficial

We don’t find them too often, hearts that warm us with their understanding. If we have some unusual ideas or beliefs it’s even more difficult to find any who can honestly relate to us with no fear or withdrawal. I think maybe it goes back to knowing who you are and being comfortable with yourself, so that other’s ideas become a learning experience and not a threat to you. I am so thankful for each heart mine has formed a bridge with, each time they make me happy to be alive and each opportunity I have to do the same for them. Friendship is so much more than a casual acquaintance or a simple liking of someone, superficially. Friendship digs deep into both hearts and is transparent with each other. There is no need for deception when you know you are accepted, faults and all. There is no need to feel inferior when you know you won’t be pressured to change even when your friend has a clear view of your short comings.

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