Poetess Of The Heart, La Belle Rouge is known for her poetry penned in many genres. She continues to write poetry to touch the emotions and lives of her readers. Now the author of several dozen books she continues to expand her creative horizons. On this website you will find information about her books, some of her latest poetry and her blog. Please feel free to browse the site and enjoy the expressions of her heart. Welcome, come often, stay long. La Belle Rouge is the pen name of a prolific author, poet, from Virginia USA. She wrote her first short stories and attempts at poetry while still a young girl. La Belle has been well read on the web for many years where she has contributed works to several writers sites. Published in a variety of magazines and ezines she has also self-published over thirty books with content ranging from the ridiculously funny to pets, to horror and romance. She has lived in many locations in the South and now resides in her native Virginia  With Celtic and Native American roots La Belle can easily slip into either side of her heritage to pen poetry to honor both. Romance is her primary genre but she enjoys writing for children, adventure, horror, philosophical pieces and even redneck humor where her country upbringing and southern background serve her well.