I once found it very difficult to set boundaries. People trespassed on my emotional property at will. They left their filth and litter everywhere and I was the one forced to clean it up. I have learned through bitter experience that boundaries must be set or you will forever be cleaning up someone else’s mess. They will dump whatever they choose on you then walk away without a backward glance or a care about what they have done to you. In the area of religious belief or faith( there is a BIG difference in religion and faith) there will always be someone who thinks they know what God expects from you and they won’t hesitate to try to enforce their views on you and your life. There was a time I was bullied and pushed and led by the nose to believe that these self appointed judges and “Spiritual Giants” knew more about me and my path than I knew myself. I woke up. Whatever I need to know won’t be given to me by religious fanatics and judgmental, self righteous religionists. I will never again be pushed, prodded or shamed into thinking I have to do or be what another person tells me I must. I have some boundaries, don’t try to cross them. I fought hard for my boundaries and I’m not about to surrender them to anyone.

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