Strength And Courage

Where I find them…..

Life is not for cowards. Living takes strength and courage. It takes spiritual wisdom and faith to know how to overcome the curves life throws at you. Living is what you learn how to do in the midst of the circumstances that are designed to destroy you. I find strength and courage in many places. In the meditation of my soul that connects me to a higher power. I find strength in the beauty of nature, the compassion of a friend, their words of comfort and their silent connection to my soul. I find strength in the works of poets who pour their emotions and thoughts onto a page. A glimpse of their opened hearts, their honest expression, brings me to the knowledge that none of us is alone. We are all connected by the mutual thread of experience and emotion. We all have our mountains to climb. We all are seeking that place of peace and love and the courage to prevail over obstacles that would prevent us from fully living our lives. I want to thank all of you, My fellow poets for the way you put pen to page with honesty and courage. Thank you for the enlightening moments, the strengthening words, the times of lighthearted laughter, you bring to my life. Life is not for cowards it’s for explorers, questioners, conquerors. Thank you all who write from your hearts, for helping me to find strength for the journey

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