Doves And Humans

I have some little diamond doves. For those not familiar with them they come from Australia and are the smallest of the doves. They’re about the size of parakeets and they make the most melodious cooing sounds. My little dove is sitting on two eggs in her nest. She is so devoted she won’t leave the nest even to eat or drink. Her mate instinctively knows this and several times a day he will sit on the nest for her so she can fly around a bit and exercise her wings and she can have a meal of seeds and millet and a drink of water. At night they will often sit on the nest together where they cuddle and coo. When the babies hatch they will both feed them and keep them warm. I think some humans could learn a lesson about parenting from the diamond doves, devotion to each other and their offspring. It makes a beautiful picture that I enjoy every day while it brings to mind a definition of real family and love.

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