What It Is, What It Isn’t

Kindness is first of all learning to be kind to yourself; owning your mistakes and doing what you can to change the results or accepting the results you cannot change. Be kind to yourself by not accepting the guilt for others faults and failures. The world will be intent on placing blame on your shoulders that doesn’t belong to you, shake it off and let those responsible for it carry it. Kindness is speaking the truth when it needs to be spoken and keeping silence when truth falls on deaf ears or will have no positive effect on situations or on your own psyche. Kindness is choosing your words carefully and inflicting no unnecessary pain on anyone yet not being afraid to express hard truth and rightful anger at the appropriate times. Kindness is allowing yourself to be less than perfect and allowing the same for others. Kindness is a smile or a thoughtful gesture, it costs you little or nothing and could be a important or even a lifeline to the one you give it to. Kindness is something you can choose everyday and something that will make a tremendous difference for good in your own life and emotions and in those lives you touch.

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