Not Lost

Not Lost 

there are times in the stillness of an autumn night 
when a full, pewter moon is haloed by frothy clouds 
I stand alone in the demulcent beams of pewter light 
breezes bearing the first, faint chill play with my hair 
and whisper in my ears of ancient autumns long passed 
where restless winds hovered over forgotten shores 
they remind me I’ve had many lost faces and names 
forms both fierce or fair, lives royal and plebeian 
the struggles of those lives lie buried in my memory 
undisturbed, unrecognized, though they shaped me 
taught me, enabled me to become who I have become 
they have always been there amidst the white noise 
warring and warning, their influence waxing, waning 
like that haloed moon in its timeless cycles of light 
then I know, though my path is different, I’m not lost 

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